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    I really don't know where to post this, so if I'm in the wrong sub forum mods please do move...
    Anyway, i know the last twitter update was pulled due to problems encountered by some users, but does anyone know if Twitter is planning another update soon? Or is there a way to get back the update? I don't even think it be possible to extract the. Bar but anyways I could be wrong.
    I didn't have any problem with the update and I REALLY miss the feature where we could see the picture without having to click on any link, and that is something I was really looking forward to and when it finally arrived I jumped on the 1925 leak and eventually had to install the 'old' twitter version (which is the one currently available in bbworld)

    Anyways, is there any one else missing this feature? Any way to get that version back?
    And BTW, I know there's other threads on this subject, I did read some after the update got pulled and I remember people saying that it was not possible to extract the bar file, but Idk maybe there is now a way, and I can't seem to find those threads cause the search function on cb10 is letting me down tonight....

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    01-13-14 02:28 AM
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    I also want this

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    01-13-14 05:12 AM
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    maybe there is someone who has a Bar for that twitter release?!
    01-13-14 05:39 AM
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    Looks like Twitter 10.2.2 been re-released a few days ago (I got I didn't get it the first time, but here are my impressions after a couple hours so far of using it today with a Q10 (10.2.1). (WindMobile Canada/Ottawa is my provider)

    Hopefully these observations somehow make it to Blackberry/QNX for improvements in the next version:

    Observations (and Good Things):
    A1. it's 'updating' every couple of minutes on its own when I'm at the top of my feed and I'm not actively using the device. I think it's automatically loading new tweets at the top of the current feed (though I'm not sure). I actually preferred the previous style where it highlighted breaks in your feed with a "load more tweets" button, because it was easier to discern between tweets you've seen and tweets you haven't seen. I worry this will drain the battery faster.
    A2. a test DM I sent to myself took only seconds to appear in Hub, rather than minutes in previous BB10 Twitter versions (and more like the BB6/BB7 Twiter app). Much better!
    A3. hey, you can DM from the Twitter app now! Including from secondary accounts. Finally!!!
    A4. I don't use search often but a test search for @kady seems to have decent results and presentation.
    A5. Except for a couple minor issues (see C5), the quick reply feature seems to be pretty robust in terms of not erasing your reply-in-progress unless you click the < button in the bottom bar to close the tweet you're replying to. Whereas the 'traditional' reply button only opens stuff behind the reply screen like if you click on a handle in the reply you're composing (rightly, since this is often unintentional while trying to place the cursor), the quick reply lets you open things on top of it like checking RTs from links in the tweet you're replying to (rightly, because the text in the quick reply doesn't get linkified to create problems with moving the cursor).

    Significant issues:
    B1a. When viewing a tweet/conversation, the Q10's already-vertically-challenged screen has been further reduced by the "inline compose reply" thing at the bottom and there's no way to disable it.
    B1b. The "inline compose reply" bar is in addition to the barely-useful and space-consuming bottom bar which previously only had the < button to close the tweet. Now the bottom bar has a very prominent "flag as spam/abuse" button. I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, but in addition to highlighting the presence of this useless bar, now every time I look at a tweet I get to associate it with spam/abuse, despite how relatively rare spam/abuse actually is on Twitter. Why is this not in the three dots button in the reply/retweet options is beyond me. (The three dots button has been replaced with a "share" button).
    B1c. It is not possible to disable the inline compose bar or the bottom bar in settings.
    B2a. On first use, I tried tweeting a photo (by clicking the compose button at the top right of my home screen and snapping a photo from the app), and I got a "Your connection is unavailable" error (which is better than the old "Netwowrk (sic) connection error or server is temporarily unavailable", which would happen every time I tried up loading a photo, after anywhere from seconds to tens of minutes after I sent the tweet!).
    B2b. After this, I tried again but it wouldn't even let me click the buttons on the compose screen to take or select a photo (this still happened after restarting the Twitter app)
    B2c. After a battery pull, these options 'worked' again, but I still get the "Your connection is unavailable" error 10 minutes or so after trying to send the tweet (long after I've forgotten what I wrote, and there's no saved draft). (I have to use the browser to upload Twitter photos which sucks balls for entering text in textboxes, especially on Twitter in desktop mode! Someone in the Twitter app review comments suggested using the "Share" button from the camera app which I'll have to remember to try...)
    B3a. Still can't DM people from Hub based on username (must use their real name, even if one person has two accounts associated with their real name and you can't distinguish between the two in Hub)
    B3b. Still can't DM people from Hub unless you've added them to your address book (i.e. they followed you after you imported your Twitter contacts)

    Minor issues:
    C1. When you're viewing a profile (e.g. your own), only one of the little circles at the bottom of the description is visible, the other one isn't faded or visible at all. If you swipe between the avatar and the description the circle moves but the inactive one doesn't appear. So instead of communicating "this is one of two pages", it's just an annoying little circle.
    C2. You can't quote a tweet you've retweeted. If you click the RT button and quote reply, you can still RT again, but if you retweet first you have to undo the RT to quote. This is not a new issue, but sometimes I like to MT a tweet after RTing it, or I like to copy the text of the tweet from the "quote reply" screen to save as a note. It would be nice if instead of the "Undo this retweet? Yes/No" dialog on clicking the RT button on a tweet you've already RT'd the user was presented with the options "Undo this retweet / Quote reply / Cancel"
    C3. As with before, the "settings" has only one option (aside from multiple accounts), to restrict the Connect tab to Mentions only, even though I'd rather restrict this to DMs because connections appear in the app!
    C4. It still doesn't indicate which account you're tweeting from when you're composing or replying to a tweet
    C5a. If you accidentally tap in the "quick reply" bar and you want to cancel (to hide the "tweet" button to avoid accidentally replying to something), it's hard to do so without also closing the tweet you're viewing. You have to tap somewhere that isn't a button (e.g. non-link text in the tweet; everything else is a link).
    C5b. Once your reply is up to four lines on the Q10 you can no longer access the reply/RT/favourite/share buttons on the Q10 if the tweet you're replying to has no existing replies to push these buttons up.
    C5c. The quick reply compose box doesn't make suggestions, but since text in the quick reply box is unlinkified that's probably for the best.
    C6. I've never tried changing primary accounts on my device (which I presume would require deleting a primary and secondary account and reloading them), but why can't you change which is your primary (i.e. 'active') account? (I still miss BB7's ability to receive notifications for multiple accounts in the message centre)
    C7. I'm getting some issues with avatars loading in the feed. When I press B to get to the bottom of my feed, the avatars of the second-, third- and fourth-last tweets are sometimes messed up. The last one before the "loading more tweets..." screen seems to be consistently correct.

    - RG>
    02-09-14 11:42 AM
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    Since upgrading to v., twitter has a mind of its own. Despite setting twitter contacts to off in my contact list, it turns itself back on after a day.
    I keep deleting all the mentions in the hub and a day later they are back.
    Most annoyingly when I try to turn off mentions altogether in accounts, I get the following error:

    Twitter 10.2.2-img_20140216_220100.png

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    02-16-14 09:17 PM
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    My twitter application stopped working a few days back, i uninstalled it and re-installed it but i cannot seem to log in. wheni try it gives me a similar message saying 'ERROR IN RPC TRANSACTION WITH 1392792398-TWITTER PROVIDER' what does that mean and how do i t
    handle this problem?
    02-19-14 02:25 AM
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    My twitter application stopped working a few days back, i uninstalled it and re-installed it but i cannot seem to log in. wheni try it gives me a similar message saying 'ERROR IN RPC TRANSACTION WITH 1392792398-TWITTER PROVIDER' what does that mean and how do i t
    handle this problem?
    For me uninstalling and reinstalling AND deleting the Twitter account from my accounts list and reconnecting the account solved everything except the contacts problem; no matter how many times I turn off Twitter Contacts in my contacts setting, it turns itself back on in short order.

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    02-19-14 05:44 AM

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