1. Low Joe's Avatar
    Didn't know if people knew that Tunein radio shows the currently playing song in the HUB. And it is updated when the song changes.

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    05-15-17 10:12 AM
  2. Low Joe's Avatar
    Tunein radio pro in the HUB-screen-20170515-111601_edit.png
    Tunein radio pro in the HUB-screen-20170515-111301_edit.png

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    05-15-17 10:16 AM
  3. ridmaur's Avatar
    Can't find this app in BBWORLD. Is it only available in certain countries?

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-17 03:03 PM
  4. Low Joe's Avatar
    Try here


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    05-16-17 03:36 PM
  5. ridmaur's Avatar
    Oh so no native app. Then I stick with Nobex.

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-17 11:45 AM
  6. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Yup. That's the case with many radio players like Pandora or iHeartRadio.
    05-17-17 11:58 AM

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