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    Does anyone know how to transfer your collection of "My Places" in BlackBerry Maps, from one BB10 device to another BB10 device? I recently did a full device switch using BlackBerry Link, to switch from a Z30 to a Classic. All my apps from the Z30 were nicely installed and setup on the Classic, but when I load BlackBerry Maps on the Classic and look at My Places, I see nothing. No recents, no favorites, just completely empty.

    I didn't expect that the device switch would not have copied the BlackBerry Maps places data over. I think the ability to transfer these places locations would be really useful, especially if you built up a collection of many addresses. It would be a major pain to re-enter all of these again. There must be a file somewhere in the file system which holds all this data, but I haven't found it yet.

    Has anyone done a device switch recently and checked if your BlackBerry Maps is set up the same way as the previous BB10 device?
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    What I've done is save "my places" or my favourite locations addresses to my contacts.

    That way when I transfer my contacts over my addresses are transferred too.

    From there just open maps and there's a tab under my places call "contacts"

    There needs to be improvement on the integration of this as the maps app doesnt allow saving directly on contacts right now but it's a work around.

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    Yes, that's a very good idea. Thanks for the tip.
    05-08-15 02:46 PM

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