1. Carlos PT's Avatar
    Hi, im in Portugal with MEO, normally i get the updates on the same day that it is oficially released, normally pm, but as its only 10:25 it could still be early.

    If it is true, according to N4BB .. today is the day .....

    BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Launching Tomorrow | N4BB

    let us know if anyone gets it, where and with which operator or how you got it?

    As soon as i get it i will post ....... holding thumbs its today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    02-19-15 04:27 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Take a look at the first part of this article:
    From the Editor's Desk: Classic, 10.3.1, CES, MWC and more! | CrackBerry.com
    Sometime this month we can expect the official roll-out to begin, based on current official info. (Although there are many unsubstantiated rumours floating about.) Some carriers will be quicker than others.
    Please discuss the latest rumour here: http://forums.crackberry.com/news-ru...rumour-995645/
    As we have too many threads discussing this already, thread closed.
    02-19-15 04:28 AM

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