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    where every virtual keyboard ends ................. it begins ..... !!!!

    I know they are not new but may be someone who missed any of these

    To Disappear the Keyboard

    1. Use two finger swipe down on keyboard
    2. Press and hold SPACE bar

    To Reappear The Keyboard

    1. Tap on the area you want to type
    2. two finger swipe up from lower bezel ( note : some android app do not trigger the keyboard when you tap the area you want to
    write so this gesture will work )
    3. In landscape mode two finger swipe from bezel ( blackberry bezel ) also works

    To delete the words

    1. Press the delete button
    2. swipe back on keyboard will delete one word. If you swipe back ( from K to D direction ) with two finger it will delete two words and
    so on and on . ( i have tried almost 5 fingers swipe back )
    3. If you want to delete the words next to your typing cursor then PRESS and hold Shift key on virtual keyboard and press delete
    button it will delete in forward direction

    To select a single word

    1. Tap and hold that word for 1 sec
    2. Double tap on a word also select that word

    To Select Muliple Words

    1. Double tap on single word and you will see two moveable coursers hold and move them till the desired words are selected
    2. Hold the shift it will show you magnifying glass now move the magnifying glass in direction you want to select multiple words ( keep holding the shift untill you select desired area )

    To select Multiple lines

    1.Tap and hold anyword in the text more than 1s it will keep on selecting the nearby words untill the entire line is selected and keep holding if you want to select multiple lines
    2. Hold the shift button and just swipe you finger from the line to that line to want to select thats it... it will select multiple lines or all the area under you gesture

    To Insert word with Capital first Letter

    1. As we know swipe up gesture in keyboard to insert predictive word ........ but if you press and hold the shift and swipe up it will insert that word with capital first letter

    other gesture are swipe down for ? or other symbols
    if i missed any comment below i will add in this to make it the ultimate keyboard shortcuts guide for virtual keyboard

    Note : I am using so may be any one of the features listed above is absent in 10.2.1 but I don't think so but in 10.3.1 they are present

    Next time I will be coming with all the shortcuts for Blackberry 10 Physical keyboard , Camera , and Blackberry Assistant
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    Give that man a cookie!!!

    Thanks bro, had the z10 over a year now and I'm surprised I didn't know some of those shortcuts

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    Thanks a lot for the very informative guide!

    11-07-14 07:31 AM
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    Thanks a lot for the very informative guide!

    you are welcome
    11-08-14 01:09 AM
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    Very nice..

    Z30 Beast on Roids..C00463C72
    11-08-14 01:12 AM
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    Very nice..

    Z30 Beast on Roids..C00463C72

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