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    I've been on BB10 since August 2013 (former iPhone user) and I am still learning new tricks to incorporate into my BB10 work flow. I've created a running list in one of my favorite apps (Writer) and am copying and pasting it here today for anyone who might be interested.

    I'm also curious if anyone else has any tips to share. What does your BB10 cheat sheet look like?

    Here is mine:

    ***Some of these tips may be specific only to the 1925 leak

    5 swipes from upper right hand corner, diagonally, to restart hub. I rarely have to do this but it's nice to know (as opposed to restarting the entire phone)

    Double thumb swipe up or down for keyboard show/hide

    Hold space key to hide keyboard

    Pinch to see unread or flagged in hub (specify in hub settings, found in the right side menu from hub)

    If you see the word you want to type in your keyboard area swipe it up (flick up) to choose it.

    Swipe up from BlackBerry is the "home button"

    Double tap notification from lock screen to open

    Single finger swipe back to delete one word, two fingers for two words, three for three words.

    Settings: autocorrect in space bar and predictions in column. This is an easier setup for me - you might like it differently.

    Adjust quick settings menu for drop down easy access to most settings.

    Enable the "Save BBM chats" setting so when you restore from a backup they won't all be lost

    Swipe out from bottom of black side menus to see extended description

    One finger swipe down for symbol page, swipe back up with one finger to get back to letters.

    To quickly post facebook or twitter status touch the search icon on home screen and type fb [insert status] or tweet [insert status]

    Tap outer edges of white circle surrounding text to move cursor backward or forward

    Swipe down from top for settings menu
    Tap brightness icon (not the text) for easy access slider

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    01-17-14 12:27 AM
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    Haven't really seen a thread for shortcuts found on BB10, would like to see if anyone else posts their findings on this thread. I personally didn't even know that you could delete 3 words at a time i always thought you could only swipe back to delete one at a time, good find. The other one i didn't know was to double tap the notification on the lock screen to open it, it did sound familiar though. The 5 swipes (sometimes it's less) from the top right corner in the hub to refresh it was one of the first ones I came across. The shortcut phrases in the search app are very useful, I wonder if there's more?
    01-17-14 02:42 AM
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    Just another little tip for deleting words. If you have a lot of words to delete, you can also press the shift key (the arrow under the letter A) and swipe on the text and press delete.

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    Edit: only works on 10.2.1.xxxx
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    01-17-14 03:14 AM
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    Thanks for posting. I'm sure someone will mention some of this has been posted somewhere here on CB. If so, matters not. This is good information and will probably help some(including myself) from getting frustrated when texting to save time. @OP. Thanks again.
    01-17-14 09:00 AM
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    To start a text or email to someone, hit the search button and type text/email and their name. Type your message.

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    01-19-14 11:01 PM
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    After taking a picture drag the corner of the preview pic to view and share/delete

    When selecting text continue holding and it will select the word then line then paragraph then continue downwards by paragraph until you lift your finger.

    Add shortcuts for common used words/sentences under settings > Language and Input > Predictions and Corrections > Word Substitution.

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    01-22-14 02:43 PM
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    After taking a picture drag the corner of the preview pic to view and share/delete

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    This is cool! Thanks for the addition.

    I've picked up some stuff from this thread and found a few more tricks (some might be obvious but everyone was a noob once!):

    Swipe down from the top of your hub to see all upcoming calendar events

    Hold 123 button and swipe to your desired key for quick transition back to abc keyboard

    If you hold a letter down on the keyboard for more than a second it will capitalize it

    Hold the camera icon on lock screen for three seconds to open camera app

    Take a picture from anywhere on the camera screen - hold and move focus area wherever you want - hold and move then hold focus area section for 5 seconds to lock focus on that one spot only - hold 5 seconds again to release focus lock

    Swipe up and hold for a half second to see the battery percentage in top left corner of screen (or date and time for that matter) - can swipe back down to remain in app (never release the swipe)

    BBM automatically compresses files to save on data. If you want a high resolution images from someone that just sent you a pic via BBM touch the picture for a second and choose the HQ icon from the right side menu to "request a high quality image."

    In the browser when you're viewing a screen it will default to "full screen." If you want to go see the menu tap the bottom black strip. This brings up the three dots (bottom right hand side) which pulls up a right side menu with settings, etc Also, the url section and the number of tabs open (lefthand side, should be a number) is visible.

    When taking a snapshot or recording a video you can pinch to zoom.

    To start a text or email to someone, hit the search button and type text/email and their name. Type your message.

    In browser swipe two fingers up for the keyboard and press "h" for history, "b" to go to the bottom of the page, "t" to go to the top of the page, "u" to highlight the url, "r" to use the screen reader view, "s" to search page, "L" to bring up all bookmarks, and "w" to slide out left menu

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    01-22-14 07:59 PM

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