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    So, I've never really understood "tags" in the native browser bookmarks.

    Finally, I do!

    So, most days, I check four forums which are accessed through the browser. I open bookmarks, open the forum, browse, then repeat three times.

    I was very pleasantly surprised when I added the tag "forum" to those bookmarks. Now, I open bookmarks (hold "K"), press "Tags View", press "Forums" then at the bottom is a button which then opens all four bookmarks at once.

    It would be great if all four could be opened straight after pressing K (opening bookmarks) but we aren't going to get an update are we!

    I tried to post this in "Tips and Tricks" section but that doesn't allow new threads. Well guess what Crackberry, BB10 has turned up a good trick for me after all these years!

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    01-04-18 03:42 AM
  2. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    I have also discovered in settings that on startup, I can select to open a set of pages. So, now on startup, things are quicker.

    Still impressed by what this Passport can do!

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    01-04-18 03:44 AM

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