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    Tip: 'Map' filter in the Pictures app-img_20150916_091549.png

    This isn't a new feature, but if you're like me, you've likely underutilized it. If you're ever trying to find 'that picture from that one time when we were at that place', the 'Map' filter makes it sooooo much easier than skimming through the entire library.

    Tip: 'Map' filter in the Pictures app-img_20150916_091919.png

    The search gets more granular as you zoom in. Pick a location and you get all the photos from that area arranged by Date! Easy peasy! I love it!

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    09-16-15 07:21 AM
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    Interesting... A nice function for those who enjoy it, but that just reaffirms my choice in keeping geotagging disabled... My map looks like this:
    Tip: 'Map' filter in the Pictures app-img_20150916_083517.png

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    09-16-15 07:37 AM
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    Ha! I just love maps in general! If I can put a coordinate on something, I'm totally on it! I can see why people might want to disable geotagging for privacy concerns or for saving battery (not enabling the GPS when the camera app is on). Hopefully BlackBerry isn't savagely mining and selling my location data!

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    09-16-15 07:49 AM

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