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    After reading and trying so many different posts on getting Google calendar to get it fully functional on BB10 without issues was a no-go for me. Realizing my free google account no longer supports ActiveSync I went through the normal wizard method to add my Google email/calendar/contacts but realized it wasn't the best method for me. I read there are issues with Gmail calendar with Blackberry BB10:

    Unable to add or modify CalDAV Gmail calendar account (KB33458)
    Calendar application crashes when modifying time on a calendar event (KB33621)

    So the summary is if you don't have Google Apps Account and you can't get your Google calendar to be added through the CalDAV or ActiveSync method you can try my method. This method worked for me as I am now able to get multiple google calendars to display in Z10 as well able to select which calendar group I want my events to be created for through Yahoo! Calendar.

    - Free Gmail account
    - Free Yahoo! mail account

    BB10 Initial Setup:
    First you need to add your email/calendar/contact accounts to your blackberry as you normally would using the wizard. At the minimum you must add your Yahoo! calendar to BB10. Everything else such as adding Gmail email/contact/email and/or Yahoo! email/contacts is up to you. It's not necessary...However, I would assume you would be adding the email accounts so you can send event invites with them.

    Google Account Setup:
    1) Log into your google account and bring up Google Calendar
    2) In each of your Google calendar(s) which are listed on the left panel, click the dropdown button to bring down more options. You want to select "Calendar Settings".
    3) Near the bottom of the settings page you will need to copy the iCal link for your calendar. Under the "Calendar Address" section click the green button/link that says "ICAL" It will give you a URL/link that looks something like this:

    * <your-google-email-address.com> is your own email address

    Yahoo! Account Setup:
    1) Log in to your Yahoo! account and bring up your calendar (which is your calendar tab).
    2) On the left panel you should see your "Calendars" list. Just below that is your "Subscribed" calendar list.
    3) Click the "+" (plus sign) next the "Subscribed" list heading.
    4) You will be prompted with 3 choices; click the button "Subscribe to other calendars"
    5) Paste the URL that you copied from your Google account (iCAL link) into the "iCal Address" textbox.
    6) Type a name in the "Display Name" the represent this calendar (it would be wise to prefix this label with "Gmail" to help identify that this is will be a google calendar)
    7) Pick a color of your choice
    8) Ensure "Refresh" is set to "Automatically".
    9) The rest of the option are up to you.
    10) Press "Continue" to add your Google calendar to your Yahoo! calendar.

    Now you will see the all the events from your Google calendar show up in your Yahoo! calendar immediately.

    BB10 Final Setup:
    Now back to your BB10 device. You may have to wait a few minutes for your BB10 calendar to pick up the changes but I also suggest you REBOOT your BB10 device to ensure that it picks up the new calendar that you have added. Even after the reboot you may have to wait a couple of minute before you see the new Google events show up in your BB10 calendar.
    You can also check by going into the Settings of the BB10 calendar and go to Calendar Colors and you will the new calendar listed there.

    I would say adding an event through BB10 may not be instantaneously reflected in your Google calendar or Yahoo! calendar but it's still reasonably fast to see it sync with your Google/Yahoo! calendar online. I have a hunch it may be based on the refresh interval you set in the calendar settings.

    Now you can added event to the multiple calendars and it will be sync online without crashing your BB10 calendar app.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. As well, I was able to added Google's holiday calendar as well as Yahoo! holiday calendar and they both showed up on my BB10 calendar.
    02-26-13 02:06 AM
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    This is pretty much what I posted in the Gmail calendar issue threads except ur suggesting yahoo instead of outlook.com

    Does yahoo use exchange active sync like outlook.com? I thought I read that it didn't but I never looked into it that much. Outlook.com only syncs from Gmail to outlook it is one way see the 2nd link below

    Also the calendar app crashing isn't just related to Google calendar. U need to choose the calendar as the first step. Then set a name for event. Then choose the time. Obviously the crashing is a bug but logically that is how u would make an event anyways I would think.

    For reference


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    02-26-13 02:17 AM
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    Thanks makaveli86. For your references. I guess my search didn't pull up your post.

    From what I know I don't think Yahoo! Uses ActiveSync.

    I was able to conduct a two way sync. So if I login to Gmail from a computer and create an event it will show up after a few minutes on my BB10 calendar. And of course if I create an event using my BB10 and select the appropriate calendar it will show up when I log into my account through a computer.

    I though the crashing of bb10 was due to the fact that it wasn't able properly connect to Gmail calendar. But I didn't play around to understand the situation more. I was already fed up for the fact that it was even happening.

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    02-26-13 02:56 AM

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