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    hey guys,

    thought to share with you this tip to ease your access to files on your cloud storage embedded in File Manager (Box, Dropbox & One Drive)

    PS: this tip assumes you are syncing these services on your PC too!

    First thing at all.. Avoid having too much files within one folder. Because on low internet speed, it will take ages to load the files in folder and you probably will end up with File Manager not responding.

    Structure your folders in a way to spread files between them. E.g. if you are saving pictures and videos to cloud, then create folders for years, inside each year create folders of months, and inside months create folders for days / or name folders according to the event you was shooting (e.g. 2013.06.15 brother's birthday) and distribute pictures there accordingly.

    For best results, I recommend creating an index of files and folders:

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_114648.png

    Open notepad and write inside commands as following:

    cd C:\OneDrive\BlackBerry\"Camera Gallery"
    tree /F /A>index.txt
    replace C:\OneDrive\BlackBerry\"Camera Gallery" with your desired path to cloud folder that you want to create an index for. And don't forget to put " " around folders that has two words or more

    From notepad when you done with the commands, save the file as batch.bat for example.

    So now when you run this file, it will update your index.

    From File Manager, pin the index.txt file. So you could find it from universal search!

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_130855.png

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_130132.png

    Now your folders / files on cloud will load faster. And you have an index listing all files listed on your cloud. You can use the search function to find the location of specific file / folder

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_114757.png

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_114926.png

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_115006.png

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_115050.png

    Tip: on Cloud storage-img_20141217_115057.png
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    Excellent tutorial. I will have to spend some time re-organizing my cloud storage someday soon!
    12-17-14 06:39 AM
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    thanks jaydee5799
    12-19-14 01:23 AM
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    That's really cool the way you have your cloud storage set up.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna give some of your tips a try.

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    12-19-14 11:54 AM

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