1. louzer's Avatar
    Recently I noticed that I could not attach pics to MMS or BBM messages. I also noticed that File Manager took much longer than usual to open.

    I could share a pic from within the Picture App, but when I tried to include a pic from within any messaging app, it would hang and go back to where you tap the Picture icon to attach without bringing me to file manager.

    Solution: The latest update for Dropbox (and not Box or OneDrive) logged itself out. There must be a timeout from within messaging apps for accessing File Manager. After re-logging into Dropbox, everything works fine now. Hope this is helpful to anyone experiencing this.

    Posted by twiddling my thumbs on the mighty Qued! - Channel C003DAB77
    05-13-15 01:01 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Thanks for this useful post!
    05-13-15 01:06 PM

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