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    Well, this won't change the face of the world nor the very likely path for BB10 (read:bin, in a while).
    But somehow, it's interesting to notice all may not have been "stupid" or "irrational" like I read so many times.

    So, what's happening lately, on the apps front ?
    A recent study in the UK measured this :

    The report analyses the mobile presence of 100 top UK retail brands and draws on research with 1,200 consumers and 100 marketing professionals. It highlights that nearly a third of top retailers fail to provide a mobile application across either iPhone or Android devices.

    In addition, 66% of marketing professionals no longer include mobile apps within their mobile marketing campaigns. Instead, the majority (56%) are choosing a responsive mobile presence, with 80% of the top retail brands opting for a responsive ecommerce site.
    And, you know, nothing is driving more the developers trends than the global merchants (ok, ok, besides XXX industry lol). Where the money is.
    Also means that [those merchants] studies demonstrated the (overall) return is better on a web based solution than app driven.

    Remember the times we were called stupid because we pretended [what we named then ] HTML5 apps was the nex-gen apps and BB10 browser was the perfect weapon ? Half stupid, maybe, finally ? .

    One in three UK retailers don’t have a mobile app - Episerver
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    02-22-17 10:10 AM
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    As I said in the other post you made on this.... when was the app market ever about "retailers" ? How many of the top 100 Apps are related to "retail"?

    I expect that the top 10 retailers might have an app that is known and used in general. But you get down the list and it pretty quickly becomes company's you might buy from every few years at best - most probable never. Apps just aren't going to work for most of these companies, because their user base just isn't regular enough. And too they haven't invested enough into making their apps useful to the end user.
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    02-22-17 10:50 AM
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    Amazon ? Ebay ? WallMart ? Not sure where they sit in the top 100 but they're probably around.

    I'm not saying these will abandon their own apps, neither.
    That's just a shivering. Not even a trend yet.
    Still, the affirmation that "HTML5 can do ..." wasn't that dumb, just a bit optimistic timing wise (but Jobs was even more - re: Flash death).
    02-22-17 11:50 AM

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