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    Hello all,

    The following are my wish to have in the next coming BlackBerry OS update that you might find interesting.
    1. Auto CC my self feature while emailing an email.
    2. The ability to edit the phone no. that I've typed in the dialing pad.:
    - Open the dialing pad and try to type the phone no that you wish to call.
    - Assume that you've discovered that the 1st or 2nd no. from the left is wrong, then you can not fix it directly.
    - The only way to fix it is to delete (right to left) the entire sequence until you reach the targeted one.
    - Sometime it is annoying especially when the no. you are trying to dial was pasted from the clipboard and you are trying to add an international code to it!
    3. An application for the YouTube: Blackberry should find an agreement with Google to provide one.
    4. Ability to add Widgets like Android.

    What do you thing? and could you add more?

    Walid A
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    03-08-15 12:26 AM
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    5. Support OpenVPN

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    03-08-15 12:27 AM

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