1. adamwl's Avatar
    Is there any way to see my Remember tasks/notes as a section of the hub? Or ideally a way to integrate my Google Tasks with the hub.

    The hub is leagues above every other OS, but the lack of easy access to my tasks is killing me. I know a pull-down shows my calendar, and that would be acceptable, except tasks don't show up there either!
    02-23-15 04:03 PM
  2. menshawy's Avatar
    It was a feature that has been asked for on icanmakeitbetter.com and BlackBerry "acknowledged" it. We might see it oneday, who knows
    02-24-15 03:05 AM
  3. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    I don't care for the pull down either.

    Agree with OP, would much rather have a more comprehensive left side selection in the hub.
    02-24-15 12:06 PM
  4. anon(9155131)'s Avatar
    That would be perfect.
    02-24-15 12:13 PM

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