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    It's long been known that OS 10 deals poorly with Categories in Outlook Contacts. Specifically, Categories are simply not carried over to Contacts on OS10; they're ignored. Moreover, if you edit a contact on the BB, its Category association gets removed in Outlook on the PC after it's sync'd.

    I was hoping we might see this issue resolved in 10.3.1 but it seems not to be the case. Does anyone have any news as to whether this is a known shortcoming that will be dealt with?

    It's clearly not an issue for people with few contacts but I have several hundred contacts and they're grouped in a number of different useful categories on the PC. So it's a real nuisance not to have this grouping also available on the BB. Interestingly, the Categories in Outlook Notes (under Remember in OS10) are carried over to the BB.
    03-30-15 11:43 PM

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