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    Hi there.

    As I'm sure you know, the Z10 connection via USB for sync and file transfer isn't a regular mass-storage connection but instead runs as an IP network between the client PC and the device.

    On our corporate machines, we use a firewall which is reasonably restrictive on which connections are allowed.

    This causes problems with communication between client and device because the connection is blocked.

    We can 'fix' this by allowing traffic on the APIPA range ( to but this is really poor practice from a security point of view.

    Is there a better way to provision the connection that is as simple and straightforward for users as plugging in a USB cable?

    I can conceive various 'techy' workarounds by using an ad-hoc WLAN connection and so on but for the majority of our users this will be beyond rocket science and will lead to more hassle than we have currently, especially when travelling and away from our WLAN infrastructure.

    For example, is it possible to set a static IP address on the portion of the device that connects via USB / IP and an address in the same range on the corresponding connection on the client PC? This might work if it were possible to make these persistent.

    Wondering whether anyone else has had these same issues and come up with a simple solution that works in real life.

    Thanks in advance,

    03-25-15 05:42 AM

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