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    One of my friends asked me to configure his outlook365 work account on his Q10. I said: Sure!

    But apparently his company uses a thing called "Active Directory Federation Services" as a SSO(Single Sign-On). What basically happens is, you are redirected to a web page where you enter your username and password (your domain credentials).

    The problem is that on BB10 when you try to setup your account you have the username and domain fields and the account setup process just fails because it does not know that for that particular domain it needs to go look for an ADFS.

    Is there any way to use that email account on a BB10 Smartphone?
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    10-08-14 04:05 PM
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    You sure his company is not using an MDM?

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    10-08-14 04:14 PM
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    You sure his company is not using an MDM?
    doesn't look like
    10-08-14 04:17 PM
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    It looks like you double posted.

    Here is the other thread where I provided a suggestion:

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    10-08-14 05:05 PM
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    Let's continue in the original thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...vices-966308/:
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    10-08-14 05:52 PM

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