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    I totally forgot which program or baked in task to do to see as was using cheetah cleaner because my Google app vibrates versus beeps to let me know it's listening so that was supposed to fix it, it didn't. Anyway, whilst in there seen multiple voxers and other old versions that said installed but could be wrong...

    How do I verify I truly have these apps and app versions GONE and that I am not effected by the uninstall hidden app bug via the shorty run time from a short while ago?

    Easiest way? Totally forgot, tried to search but came up dry.

    I guess I can work on why my working Google App is only vibrating to let me know it's ready for me to speak versus making the cla clink sound we all know so well...
    Maybe just this version?

    If anybody else patches this version lmk if it beeps for you. Hmm.. so I suppose this is a two part question but mostly want to know I don't have hidden duplicate apps...

    Thanks, DPR

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-17 12:10 AM

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