1. Geschrei's Avatar
    Searched for this problem and have yet to see anyone else post about it, so here goes:

    Z10 STL100-3 on TMo, running Instant previews are on. Whenever I am in the process of typing a text message and receive an instant preview of a new incoming message, the current chat disappears, as does the keyboard and anything I've already typed. And the text message app effectively locks up - I can return to the hub and select any other chat, bug it always returns to whichever one I was in when I received the preview - still blank, with no keyboard. Seems to occur every single time I receive a text in the middle of typing a reply.

    Resetting the hub doesn't help. Other accounts seem unaffected. Only thing that works is a reboot.

    Anyone else run into this? Frustrating as hell.

    Posted via CB10
    08-14-14 12:49 PM
  2. wojt7's Avatar
    Search again and focus this time. Plenty of posts about it. One very long post going for months and includes partial solution to your problem.
    Type 'hub lockup' and it appears for me instantly
    08-14-14 12:56 PM
  3. Crypt1c's Avatar
    For an actual fix, update.

    Quick fix (temporary) , switch between dark and light theme.

    Posted via rotary phone
    08-14-14 02:51 PM

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