1. officially_juju's Avatar
    I just purchased a Q10 and upon setting up I am noticing the Text Messages do not show up in their respected section nor do I get notifications when they come in. They are buried in the hub and I have to manually find them. Any solution to this!? So annoying! Thanks.
    08-06-14 10:16 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    Go into your hub settings and change it to show in app only .
    08-06-14 10:37 PM
  3. alchemy_junkie's Avatar
    I'm having this same problem and it only occurred after I updated to the latest os version. I have a Q10 on Verizon os version I have had my phone for nearly a year now.

    Posted via Q10 a device that doesn't bleed personal information
    08-07-14 01:05 AM
  4. alchemy_junkie's Avatar
    Changing the settings did nothing. I think the download of the os update might have been interrupted or something. I rest and restored my setting and now everything have been fixed.

    Posted via Q10 a device that doesn't bleed personal information
    08-10-14 08:07 AM

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