1. phatalic's Avatar
    I have a user who has to use larger fonts due to sight issues. They are currently using a Z10 and everything has been fine until they did an update. Since we are on Bell, I can only think of the 10.3.1 update from 10.2.1 that a majority of our users have delayed doing.

    They are complaining that the in the contact app the phone numbers and contact info run off the screen and they cannot view them. Turning the phone landscape doesn't work because the contact image takes up 90% of the screen and they cannot scroll.

    I have searched the forum and the only solution I have seen is "use a smaller font". But this user is dead set on a font size and says it worked fine before they updated. I have tried,,, and even (on my Z30) but I cannot replicate it. The longer phone numbers and contact info still runs off the screen. Has anyone stumbled across an OS version that actually doesn't have this issue? Or is it a common mistake of what the user thinks vs what it actually was?
    07-09-15 10:10 AM
  2. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    So this is a common problem with accessibility in software design. Making things large enough to see for some people can mean that the screen isn't large enough to display every thing. I'm not that familiar with the accessibility options on BB10 but if it includes a local magnifier one option may be ti enable that, use a smaller font and have the them use the magnifier. Unfortunately my experience in desktop support is that this is usually not a satisfactory solution.

    The solution that usually works best, in my experience, is providing a large enough screen that the information can be displayed large enough and not run out of bounds. In the BB10 space this may mean moving the user to a Passport. If this is a work provided device you may be able to leverage your companies special needs accommodation policy.

    Z10STL100-3/ SR
    07-09-15 10:23 AM
  3. phatalic's Avatar
    The keyboard on the BB10 devices is not large enough for the user to see so a Passport/Q10/Classic is not an option. Z30's are end of life and I have yet to receive a Leap to test so we are kind of stuck.

    I have tried to use the magnifier but it keeps getting stuck on full magnification and will not zoom back out. This, as you stated, is a satisfactory solution.
    07-09-15 10:47 AM
  4. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Do you have a BES? Would one of the Android Phablets be an option? Wouldn't be my first choice but with the new announcement from BlackBerry and Google about better management of Google Play for Work, depending on your company's situation it may be an acceptable compromise on the horizon.


    And since I've left the box, is using Blend with a tablet, maybe a 7 inch Android or iPad mini an option?
    Z10STL100-3/ SR
    07-09-15 01:35 PM

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