1. RegN's Avatar
    I installed the latest os with Sachesi and it seemed to be fine except Text msg won't open. Well it open in the hup but cannot open individual contacts to read and reply. Cannot click the create new either. If I get a text I can read a bit of it and reply but even that is not really the correct window. Do I need to reinstall the whole os again or is there a possible fix. All other apps I tried seem to work fine. never had an issue installing these before.
    11-11-14 04:53 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Which leak on which phone?
    11-11-14 05:00 PM
  3. RegN's Avatar
    Sorry it is my wifes z10 stl 100-3 and I installed

    I have since tried to restore from a backup I just did but now I cannot even open up contacts and all the texts show as phone numbers not names. Got some kind of issue going on.
    11-11-14 05:05 PM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    11-11-14 05:22 PM
  5. RegN's Avatar
    got it from Sachesi as I was hoping to give my wife something with no issues. I leave for 2 weeks. Anyway that didn't work so will give your suggestin a try. If that fails then I guess its go back to 10.2 but that is not fun.
    11-11-14 05:31 PM
  6. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Should be fine. Has been on mine for weeks. If the nondestructive doesn't solve it, grab SIC multiwipe and the autoloader from the other 1016 thread. At least you have a backup from before the mess to restore.
    11-11-14 05:38 PM

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