1. allwi's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    some general questions about (telephone) conference bridges and how they are handled by BB10.

    I understand how, I can set up a phone conference and add the bridge details - quite simple, although I understood that it's not possible to assign a dialing sequence to yourself (which includes the host moderator PIN) and another for the participants. Can someone confirm this is correct?

    When I get an invite, is some cases the event shows "Join now" in other cases not. Does anybody know how the OS determine to offer me this button?
    Finally, when the 'Join Now' is offered in most (all??) cases the phone number shown is the mobile number of the contact (from my contacts). Is there a way to tell OS10 not to use this number but another phone number from the contact? I usually have the conference bridges stored as 'Other'.

    Many thanks guys.
    09-18-14 12:18 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Does anyone know the answer here?
    09-30-14 10:52 AM
  3. stenclavs's Avatar
    Found KB34356 article but haven't yet tried it. Not sure how that helps, have same problem here. You can google for KB34356, I can't post links here.
    01-18-15 08:48 AM
  4. stenclavs's Avatar
    not much help. trying an international number, won't show up. disappointed.
    01-18-15 08:57 AM
  5. stenclavs's Avatar
    ok, got it. they have pattern to each country. if number doesn't match the respective country pattern, it won't show up. for my country, their patter is wrong (7 digit pattern instead of 8 digits actual format) and it doesn't work. If i remove last digit and stay on 7 digits, it works. not that it helps, yet explains.
    01-18-15 09:57 AM

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