1. purpledog10's Avatar
    I'm updating now, 465 MB, check for updates on your phone!

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 09:11 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    No screenshot...?

    Even the Release number?
    10-23-13 09:19 PM
  3. tryfe's Avatar
    Pics! Naow!!
    10-23-13 11:00 PM
  4. purpledog10's Avatar
    Are you serious? I can't be the only t-mobile customer with access to the update! Besides, I can't figure out how to post the screen shots on the CB app. Anyway, I'm just giving you t-mobile peeps the heads up! Check for updates in your settings. I have a Z10, btw.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 11:17 PM
  5. purpledog10's Avatar
    Sorry, release number is and just saw the attach picture icon so here it is:
    T-Mobile USA - 10.2 now live!-img_00000768.png
    T-Mobile USA - 10.2 now live!-img_00000769.png

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 11:20 PM
  6. RJ_Motivation's Avatar
    Was your phone unlocked? Where you running on a leaked version before the update?

    Posted via Z10
    10-23-13 11:22 PM
  7. fcaputo4's Avatar
    So you just got this update pushed OTA to your phone? I'm surprised no one else has seen this yet. I'm on Verizon so I know I'll be in for a long wait but it will be hopefully if other carriers are already pushing it out.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 11:25 PM
  8. purpledog10's Avatar
    My phone is unlocked, but my sim card is t-mobile. I think my phone originally is from Rogers(?), I bought it from a Canadian on ebay when they first came out. No leaks installed, just the 10.1 carrier update.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 11:26 PM
  9. purpledog10's Avatar
    I wasn't notified about the update, but I checked for it in settings. Yes, it was OTA.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-13 11:28 PM
  10. spacemanspork's Avatar
    I'm fairly sure now that US people are only getting this update if they have an unlocked phone (probably from a region where 10.2 was released). That seems to be the common link.
    pvphooman likes this.
    10-24-13 12:40 AM
  11. pvphooman's Avatar
    The real proof is whether you get wifi calling. I doubt it, but don't worry. After T-Mobile releases their official, you can sideload the radio file to get his feature.

    STL3 1791 hybrid w/10.2.1 bars
    10-24-13 01:42 AM
  12. tryfe's Avatar
    Does Wi-Fi calling work with it? I've been on the leaked1791 for two weeks and it has never worked.

    Posted via CB10
    10-24-13 05:39 AM
  13. tgvgk's Avatar
    Posted by me in another thread:

    Well, I gave it a go and no wifi calling on T-Mobile US, at least for me. Got error REG99:unable to connect on Wifi Calling App. Then, after a reboot says "SIM not detected" ?� E911 address on the phone is fine. Will try 811 radio later today as it was the only leaked one in the past few months I have had luck with. Posted previously, but Koodo unlocked Z10 on T-Mobile. Toast working.
    10-24-13 06:05 AM
  14. purpledog10's Avatar
    You are right; no sim detected in the wifi calling app. I had it turned off, anyway, as it didn't work very well to begin with.

    Posted via CB10
    10-24-13 08:30 AM

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