1. TheKicKer69's Avatar
    hi all,

    since the last 2 releases of the 10.2.1.xxx OS and now i have 10.3.o.1418 i have the SAME problem. (Q10)

    check pic
    imgur: the simple image sharer

    it stays this way for HOURS and nothing happens.

    FYI i have cleaned all my contacts long ago and i only have my HOTMAIL account linked to contacts (so SHOW ACCOUNTS in contact list i only have my hotmail turned on everything else is off , FB, twitter , linkedin, sim, local, etc...)
    on BB link there is NOTHING under recent activities in case you want to ask.

    any idea why this is happening?

    10-23-14 11:05 AM
  2. FrankIAm's Avatar
    So those are hotmail contacts? Why don't you try adding the account for sync on the Q10?
    Being completely honest with you, BlackBerry link sucks bigtime.
    10-23-14 07:01 PM
  3. TheKicKer69's Avatar
    Hey Frank,

    Hotmail is also connected to outlook (hotmail is outlook live) and i said to myself best way is to sync between outlook since i use it for my emails and calendar (MS Office) and my Q10;
    i bought some time ago CONTACT X and merged contacts, lost lots of them in the process and everything got mixed up but that was then and i am done.
    what do you mean Sync Hotmail with my Q10 - isn't it already syncing since i have activated it (i.e.; turned it on?) or there is something else i need to do?

    i wanted to sync with gmail but i remembered the following:
    Outlook on my laptop is used for calender additions and new emails coming from clients
    Q10 used for adding calender dates as well as new contacts

    that's is why i decided to turn on my hotmail account thinking the above would be smooth!

    I would have preferred to link my gmail acccount.

    another question:
    if i activate hotmail and gmail will i have duplicates?
    if i add a new contact on my BB will it auto sync with both accounts or do i need to do something specific?

    last but not least i am using BB Link cuz as mentioned above i added some contacts on the phone and some in outlook so wanted to sync

    10-24-14 04:46 AM

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