1. sbloom's Avatar
    Blackberry Link and a changing IP address have left me stuck - Link doesn't work AT ALL, never has, and now I can't use Akruto Sync as I have a switching IP address with my broadband provider and the workaround doesn't work.

    So, the Outlook apps, and similar, are they for essentially Hotmail or for actual Outlook 2016 as with my 365, I NEED a solution that, as a minimum, takes my calendar to my phone, even if nothing else, before my DH forces me to buy a bloody iPhone. Any other truly joined up reliable solutions welcome.
    10-04-16 12:40 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Is not adding your mail/calendar accounts to your BlackBerry an option and then managing from there?
    10-04-16 12:49 PM
  3. sbloom's Avatar
    Excuse me not being super-techy, I'm not sure what you mean? I use Outlook 2016 for three POP3 email addresses, one of which comes to my BB ie I added the account, but the calendar doesn't come across.
    10-04-16 12:56 PM
  4. rthonpm's Avatar
    POP3 accounts won't transfer your calendar data on any device. POP is a very old mail format.

    The breakdown of what will transfer depending on the account type are: (this is a simplified version)

    POP: mail is downloaded directly to the device (this is a format that goes back to when storage was expensive and people only used mail on one device), avoid POP if you can.

    IMAP: Your mail is synced to multiple devices, and the folder structure you set up on one device is available on all of them. There's limited calendar support: if you're sent an invite for an event it goes to all of your devices.

    ActiveSync: This is what Exchange and Office 365 use: your mail, calendar, and contacts are synced to every device you connect. Gmail also uses a similar protocol.

    The old BlackBerry to Outlook sync is all but extinct now since it was a crutch for giving POP accounts features similar to Exchange. Newer versions of Outlook have all but removed the background features that allowed the sync to work. Your best bet is to either set up your email as IMAP, or have your calendar on your handset as the master version for all of your appointments tied to a POP mail account.
    10-04-16 01:05 PM
  5. sbloom's Avatar
    MS Exchange will cost me a little extra per month, and cost my DH a lot of time in rerouting everything, he'd do it if it's the only option but the last time he set it up for a few accounts for a company it was a nightmare to get it all working properly. He's not keen on IMAP for the storage management reasons, POP3 may be old fashioned (he rejects this!) but it does what I need. I only use this one device and would not want to use the Blackberry to input my diary, and it would be ideal to use Outlook as a mini database for contacts, but if Outlook would pull both in from the phone then I'd consider it. It would definitely need to sync both ways if I was to use the phone for input/master.

    Thanks so far.
    10-05-16 05:48 AM

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