1. Ugo Ferrari's Avatar
    Does anyone know why on OS10 email account using Active Sync or IBM Lotus Traveler can use sync timeframe up to 30 days and then next step is forever?
    Wouldn't make more sense to have further options, like 90, 120, 180 days? On OS7 and previous I recall you could sync up to 120 or 180 days.
    I use BB for my work, and my work email account keeps 2 years of email history, over two years is automatically archived. So, when I choose on my BB 30 days, that too short as sometimes I have to dig out information that are older, therefore I'm now forced to choose "forever" with the result of bringing on my device 2 years of history which is too much for a mobile device and it makes it slow too.
    Thanks for your answers.
    02-24-15 06:27 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    For what it's worth, BB 10 sync time frames are are same as iOS. My personal Passport has the same options as my company issued iPhone. I don't find that the "forever" option slows down my device (after the initial sync is complete).
    02-24-15 06:38 AM
  3. Joshu42's Avatar
    Well, the "remote search" feature is there for that. If you do a search you will find this option at the end of the list. Works for ActiveSync and now for Imap account.
    02-24-15 06:56 AM
  4. deltact's Avatar
    More options would be nice, I've been a fan of 90 days for IMAP accounts. The beauty of a longer sync time is that you have access to a decent number of messages when there is no reception for a remote search, such as at 30,000 feet above the ocean.

    Posted via CB10 on Passport.
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    02-24-15 07:59 AM

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