02-21-17 03:04 PM
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    You'd have to have used the BlackBerry 10 hub with its peeking capabilities to know how big the difference in hubs is. In BlackBerry 10, the user experience is BUILT around messaging unification, less time wasting, rapid triage of communication and rapid response. In its earlier days with social media built in, I wouldn't have even considered a shift: nothing is as effective as what BlackBerry built here, on any other platform.

    Multitasking apps too. I often leave YouTube open in a browser and listen to a video whilst I'm writing messages or looking at something else on the phone. Android still isn't there, and nor is iOS for most apps and leaving them open.

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    You can leave youtube open in the browser and do other things on android as well. Just use Firefox. It's not an Android limitation but rather google not allowing for it presumably so people pay for youtube red subscriptions.
    02-19-17 09:18 AM
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    It's a feature, not a bug?

    I love the peeking feature. It doesn't waste seconds to know what I have to do.

    It's still mind boggling why a fully touchscreen phone is less gesture-based than a not. And why consumers don't see this awesome-ness feels like we are stuck in stone age.

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    02-21-17 12:01 AM
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    I'm not sure BlackBerry can claim it puts security at the centre of the BlackBerry 10 experience when it takes over a year just to release bug fixes and security updates. 12 months is a long time, and when BlackBerry touts security it is with the handsets attached to their MDM offerings - not just the end user device.
    OK, so prior to 10.3.3, how many unpatched vulnerabilities did BB10 have? If you do not have an answer, then how can you make that statement?

    The perfectly secure OS (doesn't exist) wouldn't get any updates at all, and by your reasoning, it wouldn't actually be secure.

    Imagine applying that reasoning to cars. "My car manufacturer hasn't issued a recall in over a year! This is not a reliability and safety focused car company at all!"

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    02-21-17 01:28 AM
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    Actually, quite a few or they WOULDN'T need patching? That's why security patches come out, no? And I can make that statement because I'm an IT professional that deal with global WAN and security solutions, and EMM / MDM is a just a minor pull through sale we attach to the main propositions. When BlackBerry talks about security, it is an end to end transit - it is not just the endpoint device, which is where the consumers of these forums get unstuck very quickly and spout drivel.

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    02-21-17 03:49 AM
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    I'm pretty confident that the mercury will be my first android phone.... i'll still get my BlackBerry fix..says BlackBerry on the top...!!!!!

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    02-21-17 02:52 PM
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    The hub is a little bit different but still substantially better than anything else available in android. I love it.

    The gestures and things are a little bit different but I think you'll learn to really enjoy the device once you get into the swing of things. Like anything there's a bit of a learning curve but it becomes second nature pretty quickly.

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    02-21-17 03:04 PM
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