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    I was at the zoo today with my daughter and she was watching a leopard behind a plexiglass window. She had a cheapo toy camera that she was really using for the first place time (she's 4). I had my camera on time shift mode to get a picture of her taking a picture.

    All of the sudden the leopard, who was laying there quietly up against the window, leapt up and snapped at the window. The whole thing was caught frame by frame on the time shift mode. But I could only choose 1 frame to save.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to let you save multiple frames? Here's the one shot I could save

    Suggestion for time shift camera-img_20150117_121722.jpg

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    01-17-15 08:38 PM
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    You can in 10.3

    You keep saving the original and going back to save pictures from it.
    Suggestion for time shift camera-img_20150117_205252.png

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    01-17-15 08:54 PM
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    01-17-15 09:52 PM

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