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    The top status icons for alarm and bluetooth move over when charging bolt appears like normal, but than stay in that position after i remove it from the charger.

    Also, when i first plug in my phone, the lightning bolt appears but once I enter and exit an app the bolt doesn't appear any more even if I plug t back in, but the battery icon does change to show its charging

    A phone reboot fixes the icons for me, very strange though I've never noticed this before on any other BB10 phones or OS
    *correction: i just did a hard reset on my phone and it did not fix the icons this time, there is still a space??

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this
    Attachment 315732
    Icons are shown correctly in picture above

    Attachment 315733
    These are the icons position after i remove it from the charger, they're still moved over as if it were charging

    Attachment 315734
    This is with the phone plugged in and charging, the battery indicator has changed to show its plugged in, but the lightning bolt doesnt appear
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