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    I tried searching and couldn't find this issue discussed.

    Model SQN100-1
    Bberry q10
    3x Gmail e-mails, two of which have sync calendar and contacts (or so I thought they did)
    Hello All,
    Having a nightmare trying to get back my contacts / calendar on a recent 10.2>10.3 switch. Including an interesting example of using security wipe to find some contacts?
    Let me run you through what happened and hopefully you folks can help me out. I have most of my contacts back but my calendar is empty, and I live my life based on my calendar. Even the appointments I had in my work calendar that I add my cell phone as an attendee wonít appear. I have important stuff in there like reminders on payments, meetings, bills due, follow ups, mortgage etc
    I truly feel like an ***** for not using third party backup.
    The most strange thing happened in step 8 below;
    1.****** I full back up my phone while on 10.2 successfully using Blackberry Link, foolishly assuming that in 2015 this software can handle contact transfer. My previous back up is from October
    2.****** I installed 10.3 via autoloader. Everything loads correctly
    3.****** Initially I didnít read the warnings about security wipe after autoloader install and when I logged into my 3x gmail accounts, contacts started appearing and I assumed the transfer went well
    4.****** Next day I start noticing texts coming from friend (lets call him John for this discussion) without their names attached, uh oh, I then check the calendar for appointments, empty ughhh
    5.****** I do a full backup in 10.3 to preserve this ďstateĒ
    6.****** I do a ďcustom restoreĒ from my 10.2 backup created in step 1 restoring only the third option which says Contact Data or something to that effect (did NOT click the first option (system?) and second option media)
    7.****** When I do the restore my contact list is 100% empty, not a single contact.
    8.****** I do some reading and read a security wipe is in order.
    9.****** After security wipe, some of my contacts have reappeared? Including the ďJohnĒ person mentioned in point #4, previously no contact, and now the contact is there. However long existing contacts like my brother are not in there. Letís call this the ďpost security wipe contact listĒÖ. How in the heck after a security wipe do contacts appear? I did not associate my gmail accounts yet. Perhaps off my sim card or SD card? Iíve never used third party backup software aside from BB protect back when it actually did backup.
    10.** I then sign into my e-mails and it seems the contacts from my gmail, and this post security wipe list have merged
    11.** I figure okay, great, I have all my contacts back, some duplicates but better than nothing (calendar is still empty).
    12.** I do a full back up
    13.** I get a text message from a random number and I ask who it is, turns out itís my friend ďJaneĒ who Iíve had in my contact list for some time. Now Iím losing girls numbersÖ not good for a single guy.
    14.** I realize Iím still missing contacts somehow and my calendar is empty
    15.** I curse ever doing this upgrade (though I love 10.3)
    What should I do next? I still have all my backups in tact in blackberry link. Iím thinking this is the most logical solution
    1.****** Downgrade to 10.2 and recover my backup from 10.2 that I did in step 1
    2.****** Check make sure bulk of contacts are there
    3.****** Buy backup pro
    4.****** Uninstall blackberry link since this garbage isnít worth the space on my SSD
    5.****** Backup pro to cloud
    6.****** Upgrade to 10.3 then do security wipe
    7.****** Recover from backup pro cloud and enjoy my life?
    8.****** Thank cberry
    01-27-15 10:01 AM
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    Contact app is hooped unless one pays attention when add/modify/delete.

    Rogers Blackberry Passport. BlackBerry Since 2006
    01-27-15 10:49 PM

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