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    I have a Q10 running 10.3.2. BBVE is showing that the OS is taking 7.33 GB of storage. Is that normal? I seem to remember it was using less in the past, but I am not sure.

    Also, the phone once told me that all storage was used up. I erased some apps and data, but have only 1.7GB free. The phone is running slowly and erratically at times.
    08-13-15 10:18 AM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    BBVE doesn't tell you how much the OS itself takes up. Only the total used of User Storage (which is internal memory).

    You have to open up the Device Monitor and switch to Storage to see the breakdown of what's taking up how much.

    On mine, System (the visible part of the OS) takes up 2.85 GB. Apps take up about 3.4 GB. After just over 1 GB of user files, I have about 5.7 GB free.

    You might notice that the totals of the "system", "apps" and "user files" slices of the pie graph in the Device Monitor don't add up to the total said to be used in BBVE. That's because there's a 3 to 4 GB hidden partition for the main OS that isn't seen normally. BBVE shows what's used out of the full 16 GB ram. The Device Monitor only shows usage outside of that initial hidden partition. However, available free ram is the same in both.

    Edit: I forgot that you can go into the Device Monitor directly from the BBVE app. If it is showing that much just for System, then something is up. I have never seen mine go any higher than about 3.1 GB. It's only lower than that now because I removed all the extraneous language files -especially the big ones used for the voice assistant.

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-15 01:00 PM
  3. YeemanBB's Avatar
    7.33GB is too high. The only way you can clear the extra storage is by reloading the OS or doing a security wipe. Either way, you can't restore from your Link backup. I'd use a third party backup tool such as Ultimate Backup. I'd also export the Password Keeper entries to the SD card as a backup as well. You will have to restore from these backups and reinstall all your apps. Make the that you have all the apk's in the SD card. This would save you from downloading again.

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-15 02:18 PM
  4. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    Listen to joeldf.

    Z10STL100-3/ SR
    08-13-15 03:56 PM

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