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    Let's make it simple, as there's been a lot of speculations some seem to believe they are facts as the rumor gets more and more relayed, distorted, amplified.
    Whatever the technical approach you take (I for one believe there's 100% chances BlackBerry is experimenting Android on prototypes), there's something that each and everyone should remember :

    No matter how you plan it, any Android implementation of (Google) Android on BlackBerry devices would imply a DRASTIC change of Google and BlackBerry relationships.

    Until we can see something in this direction, there's no chance the rumor is something we can expect to turn into reality for the foreseeable future.

    (and if someone wants to write it in proper English, you're welcome & thanks !)
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    If and when Blackberry devices become Android, even if compatible and BB is selling them, then one can safely assume that whatever relationships are between the parties, the device is legal. I do not think Blackberry will degenerate from BB10 devices to pirated Android handsets.
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