1. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    Bout Time
    04-07-14 01:58 AM
  2. Kevin Currey's Avatar
    Just got the notification a minute ago too and downloading now. I think this will be the first official (non-sideloaded) OS I've had in six months.

    For those who care, it's version
    04-07-14 02:08 AM
  3. danielrivers's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    04-07-14 02:24 AM
  4. ZayDub's Avatar
    Yeeees.....i was just about to start a thread stating this...I already have though via Sachesi. This update is 839 mb for me

    Posted via CB10
    04-07-14 02:50 AM
  5. fhfh2244's Avatar
    Sprint still sucks.

    Posted via CB10
    04-07-14 02:53 AM
  6. berryaddictnoza's Avatar
    Sprint still sucks.
    Not as bad as AT&T (still waiting for official 10.2.1) or T-Mobile (dropping BlackBerry contract)
    04-07-14 03:28 AM
  7. Ecm's Avatar
    Moved to the BB 10 OS forum for better exposure.
    04-07-14 06:49 AM
  8. texn884's Avatar
    what does this have that I had with leak 1935 or 1936 that I loaded back in January. I cant remember the leak number I had.
    04-07-14 06:50 AM
  9. pinnyk's Avatar
    Anybody know what's new? I downloaded a leak 6 weeks back...
    04-07-14 12:49 PM
  10. crackavelli's Avatar
    Can't update via OTA

    Posted via CB10
    04-07-14 01:02 PM

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