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    Hi everyone! I've spent the 3 weeks since moving from BIS on my Curve to OS 10 on my new Classic in a state of disbelief that Blackberry would not support those of us who prefer to keep certain emails on our devices for the length of time WE require. My thanks to the many contributors here who offered support and good ideas. But: manual sync in the Hub? Nope, still gone. Flag messages to Remember App? Nope, auto-wiped from Remember too.

    I've come up with a workaround that I'd like to share, as it appears I'm not alone.

    The background: I'm a small business owner with clients from Asia to the Canadian Arctic, who works both at home and at client locations, and most of my communication with my clients is via email. My business email is POP. I use Mailwasher to manually clear junk, as junk filters have frequently misflagged legitimate client inquiries, and for security reasons run my email program, Thunderbird Portable, from a USB device. My system is quick and efficient. Using IMAP created a clutter of duplication, and slowed me down if I had to pull up older messages from the server: speedy T1 lines are few and far between where I work.

    My solution/workaround: create a forwarding rule (either directly on your email server, or through an add-on such as the excellent Email++ by Devcellent) to copy emails to an "archiving" address, if you will, and then leave those emails on the server. For example, if your main work email is Joe at yourdomain dot com, create a new email address, say, Classic at yourdomain dot com, and auto-forward. Those messages will not disappear from the Hub unless you delete them from the server. (not sure how the "sync timeframe" option in account settings will affect them, but for me, the 90 day option should be sufficient.)

    Hope this helps...
    02-06-15 07:07 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Thanks for this workaround! Im sure there are folks who will find it very helpful!
    02-11-15 12:18 PM

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