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    Follow this procedure if stuck in Factory Wipe; I'm on an unlocked Passport, it may work on other versions of Passport or BB10 OS Phones.

    Have your PC turned on and have Blackberry Link open, attach USB cable to the PC, press and hold both volume buttons until Passport screen goes black and then immediately plug USB into the phones USB port.

    Follow the instructions that 'pop up' in Blackberry Link, Ignore the static message that the phone isn't functioning.

    What will happen is if you don't have BB10 already downloaded into BB Link, it will download it, BB Link will install BB10 onto your phone and soon you'll get the message to unplug phone from PC. BB10 will install and you'll go through standard BB10 set up process.
    End of process.

    Notes; Originally I had the Passport attached to BB Link, did a back up and then clicked on, Do a Factory Security Wipe. Which starts and then tells you to disconnect the USB. At 96% the Wipe stalled, even after running over night. I tried forced off by press and holding both volume buttons which did restart the Wipe process from the beginning. I did this 4 times to no avail.

    After I got BB Link to put BB10 OS back onto the phone and installed it and set it up, I went back, connected to BB Link and selected Factory Wipe once more, it completed the Factory Security Wipe within 5 minutes flat! It was suggested in another thread that perhaps if you have lots of Apps to pre-delete them. I do not have any more then 11 Apps, I have snap installed, and netflix, Kobo, Aldiko, Firefox, ColorNote, Keyring, Evernote, Chroma Doze, fb, Amazon Kindle, T-Mobile WiFi Calling On/Off App. I did have Cobalt on the phone at one time. Maybe someone can see a connection here?

    (How to fix stuck in factory security wipe)
    02-01-16 07:32 AM
  2. ChrisLeNeve's Avatar
    Thanks, this is interesting. My Z10 has been having a lot of random reboots lately and now is stuck at 100% after rebooting the phone. I'll give your method a try if I can't get it to work.

    Posted via CB10
    02-01-16 05:30 PM

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