1. Stomps01's Avatar
    I am trying to do a software reload on my BB10 phone. When I try it through Link under the preferences tab it connects ok and then when I get to the part where it is supposed to start reloading the software it says there is no updates for this device... wtf.... I even confirms if this is the device I want to restore to factory settings...
    When I try it on the blackberry home page with that trick of rebooting your phone then checking for updates it errors out every time when checking for an update...
    I have done this multiple times on more than one phone and never had an issue... Is there something going on that I don't know about? I am having issues in my hub since I got this phone and the only way I feel I can fix it is by doing a software reload... And just so you know yes I did a security wipe and yes I did a hard reset....
    05-24-15 06:17 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Grab and autoloader for the OS you want to load (make sure you get the right file for the right device!) and off you go!
    05-24-15 07:11 PM
  3. Stomps01's Avatar
    I know you are going to hate this question but do you have a link to the latest autoloader files?
    05-24-15 07:27 PM
  4. diegonei's Avatar
    Yes, I do hate it. Not because you can search for the file (there is actually an archive here) but mostly because you didn't even give me any info so I could say "oh well... Let's get that file for him." and find it for you.

    Oh well... missed opportunity.
    05-24-15 11:40 PM

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