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    There's a lot of questions that keep popping up about Software Release and what it means. Why itís there for some, not there for others, or why it shows an old version after an upgrade, so I thought I'd take some time to try explain what I know about the software release.

    First letís take a minute to define what the software release version you see in your About screen is all about.

    "Software Release" explained-sr1.png

    To put it simply, it's really just a way of identifying a combination of OS and Radio. That's it. There's nothing more to it, and it's really an unimportant number where your phoneís operation is concerned.

    For the most part, here's how it works though. Software Release = OS Version and Radio Your phone has to have both of those on it to have Software Release

    A recent example of something that doesn't match would be OS Since that's a Z3 release there's no radio files for the other devices, but other device radios still work. But they're mismatched. A Z3 device with + Radio would get a Software Release of, But anyone running with the Radio or other radio would get no Software Release.

    "Software Release" explained-sr2.png

    So why do some people on have a software release version (typically

    To explain that lets first look at how the phone obtains this information.

    First, the software release is not embedded in the OS in any place. The only place it comes from is directly from BlackBerry Servers. The phone sends a request to blackberry saying ďI'm running OS version Y and Radio version Z, do you have a software release for me?Ē If it matches a combination on the server then you get a software release, otherwise nothing changes.

    That 'nothing changes' is important. If you previously had a software release, and upgrade non-destructively using Sachesi, you will retain your old software release until such a time as you wipe your phone with an autoloader, or you get a new software release by running an approved combination of OS and Radio. The phone will keep checking over time, and if anything changes on the blackberry servers and a Software Release becomes available you'll get it at that point.

    In the following theoretical example lets follow the steps.

    At step 1 lets assume this is a fresh install of an OS, with an autoloader.

    "Software Release" explained-sr3.png

    1. It starts with no Software Release version, but requests that information from BlackBerry.

    2. Blackberry responds with SR version, so now the phone has a SR version.

    3. You perform a nondestructive upgrade, but in this case just the OS is upgraded, but not the Radio. Then the phone asks the server again, what is my Software Release?

    4. Since 2974/2235 is not a recognized combination the server responds with 'No Software Release'. The phone already has a Software Release of so it simply leaves it there. That's how you can get a Software Release version that doesn't match the version of the OS.

    The important thing to remember, is that whether you have a software release, or it says ďNo information availableĒ, it doesn't actually matter. The software release really means nothing and your phone operates the same no matter what is in that field.
    03-31-14 11:56 AM
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    Thanks!! I might have to sticky this, .... hmm may be I should put this by the BB 10 OS forum?
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    03-31-14 12:03 PM
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    agreed with Mod

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    03-31-14 12:10 PM
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    done and done ...
    03-31-14 12:11 PM
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    Very nice write-up. Thanks!
    03-31-14 12:34 PM
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    Now this may be a dumb irrelevant question and it may not even make sense to you guys but i will ask anyways.

    Can i use a radio file from os SDK on os
    06-12-14 11:42 PM
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    Fantastic post. I love this kind of information. It should be a front page article on Crackberry.

    Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA
    06-12-14 11:49 PM
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    Now this may be a dumb irrelevant question and it may not even make sense to you guys but i will ask anyways.

    Can i use a radio file from os SDK on os

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    06-12-14 11:56 PM
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    So this was very helpfull!! Thanks! Is there some website or whatever where one can find information like this? I mean, you had to learn about this somewhere. I find this quite interesting and want to read more about the software and hardware (especially the technical parts) of Blackberry phones.
    12-29-14 05:59 PM
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    Thanks a bunch for writing that up!
    02-12-15 01:08 PM
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    This is a great write up, and explains a lot for me. I appreciate your time in writing this up
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    02-14-15 08:05 AM
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    i will try it
    02-23-15 11:13 AM
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    Nice , I have a question it looks to me that you have to have the Radio that goes with the os release? Another question, I have updated with Sachesi my Tmobile Z10 STL 100-3 with software release OS from Rodgers Canada, I am in the US and now I see that Tmobile Netherlands has 10.3.1. for STL 100-2 can I put that on my Z10? and does anyone know if wifi calling works on the Netherlands release?? I am new to so hopefully these are not dumb questions. Thanks in advance!!
    02-27-15 02:56 PM
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    How do things change if you say it is automatic.
    I am not obsessed by any of the numbers, i just want the BlackBerry to work

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    03-18-15 01:10 PM
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    Thanks for this explanation! I've often wondered if AT&T does software releases in step with the latest and greatest from Blackberry, or any other carrier. I'm aware my carrier more than often does OS updates slower than molasses in January at the North Pole.
    04-27-16 12:48 PM

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