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    So apparently the new CEO of Blackberry, John Chen, comes from a software background. Well I have had my z10 since the day that it was launched in Canada and have been very happy with it for the part. That being said, there are a couple of software glitches that appear regularly on my phone that have started to drive be absolutely nuts and require a system reset as the only way to resolve them. I feel like I'm back in the days of my Torch having to do a battery pull once a week just to make things work right. So to the new software oriented CEO of BlackBerry I say... yes, please continue to come out with new handsets, new features for the BB10 OS and pursue the development of new apps.... but please, please, PLEASE, look at the various glitches in the existing OS and come up with solutions for them once and for all. I know I'm not the only one experiencing these issues because several reviews of the z30 mentioned the glitches and the requirement to reboot the phone as well. If anyone has any solutions that don't require a reboot or have experienced any other 'reboot required' issues, please post them here! My issues:

    - At least once every 4 or 5 days, the Facebook App stops providing notifications and will not display any contacts in the 'chat' screen. The only way I've found to once again receive notifications or be able to use the chat feature is to reboot the phone. I'm running OS and using Facebook However this has been an issue dating back as far as when I was using the 10.1 MR OS.

    - Over the last few months there has been at least 3 incidences where my contact list has appeared completely blank.... nothing displays in there. As soon as the phone was reset, the contact list returns.

    - Every time I reboot the phone, I end up with duplicate contacts. My understanding is that some of my contacts are saved to the sim card and some are synced with my email account but regardless of whether or not I delete these duplicated contacts or link them together, after every reboot they magically reappear as duplicates in the contact list. Since the bug with the Facebook app has required me to reboot every 4 or 5 days, this glitch has started to drive me up the wall.

    - When BBM launched cross platform a large number of my friends downloaded it. However there has been an issue where messages to people using iPhones just show the check-mark and not the 'D'. Apparently when the iPhone user has the BBM app active, this check-mark turns into a 'D' but the majority of my friends say that they are not aware that they have a message waiting so they do not go into the BBM app which means that message notifications are never really delivered to their phones and using BBM to contact friends on iOS is rather unreliable. As a result, only 1 of my friends with an iPhone is still using BBM. The rest have gone back to text messaging or What'sApp. There's got to be a solution to missed notifications and the lingering check-mark... BBM deserves to be the premium messaging app but again, minor annoying glitches are causing people to abandon it.

    So that's it. My BB10 OS gripes. Nothing too big, but again things that slowly grind on people and are of the similar vein that caused the masses to loose patience with their BlackBerries and abandon them in droves. So please, John Chen, allow the BB10 team to continue the innovations... but use your background to make sure that when the software updates come out, the existing glitches are fixed and fixed fast!!
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    Hi outoftheoffice,
    while I've not met most of these and one may be addressed to the editor (FaceBook), it is always a good idea to write down these remarks. I'm pretty sure someone at BlackBerry is monitoring our forums. I see regular improvements in each OS release and update and those "little but granting" problems get cleaned thanks to users feedbacks.

    Quality is a major success key for BlackBerry, can't agree more with that.

    Edit : thanks rango10, my bad.
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    I don't know why but when the first reply to a thread quotes the entire initial thread, it's annoying.
    Sorry for being off topic.

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    On the 4th November I received a notification on my Z10, carrier Cell C here in RSA that OS was available for download as so I did, upon completion the OS loaded and settled but my contacts app didn?t, these was no sync with any of my social networks accounts but more especially my Gmail which store my contacts as a result I don?t have any contact in my phonebook, none whatsoever ?further more if I try to resave a contact after pressing save nothing happens, the button ?Add Contact? is just there staring at me ??.my life has come to a sretching halt.

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    11-14-13 11:10 AM

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