04-14-16 02:32 PM
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    Impressive. 1,051 Words, 4,400 Characters with no spaces, 5,446 Characters with spaces, 8 paragraphs, and 89 lines.
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    04-14-16 08:52 AM
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    I heard Apple built a building in Waterloo near BlackBerry. Wonder what's going on? Is this true?

    That's a giant and it's not sleeping

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    Yes there is something going on.... a big tech firm up in Waterloo built up a pretty good tech incubator and education system. But sadly is no longer hiring... has actually laid off a pretty substantial number of employees. And is currently pretty weak so it's easy to scalp really good engineers and designers. There is a whole flock of tech companies in Waterloo these days. Kinda like vultures around a dead animal.

    I do think Apple should be considering their own EMM solution.... but BB10 would only die sooner if Apple bought BlackBerry. But I don't think Apple is interested in EMM or they would have gone after Good. Buying BlackBerry for their EMM solution would be like buying a car because you like the tires.....
    04-14-16 09:08 AM
  3. JCMM's Avatar
    I'm not leaving! i will rock my BB10 devices for as long as possible... BlackBerry for life
    04-14-16 10:15 AM
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    Just ordered a Priv for my wife who was using a z30. Was about to get her a different Android phone but got the Priv at Rogers for $199. If I didn't get the extra $100 off she'd have a non BlackBerry phone.

    Like I've said....in a sea of Android BlackBerry doesn't stand out.

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    04-14-16 10:49 AM
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    Well that's nice, anyone know what a torrent is.
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    04-14-16 11:24 AM
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    Gais, I don't think OP is coming back.
    04-14-16 02:32 PM
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