1. excelangue's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I love my Q10, it's the perfect phone for me.
    Today I finally got banned from Snapchat for using Casper and it made me think. I don't need a smartphone really; the only "apps" I use are Google Maps and JuiceSSH (and, well, formerly Snapchat). Built-in features such as the Hub, Email, and Music are way more important.
    In addition, with 10.3.1 my Q10 has been stuttering: open a messaging thread, no response for a few seconds. Play a song in the music player, wait a solid 5 seconds before it queues up. Et cetera.
    So my question is this: what is the most stable and smoothest version of BB10? Not the one with the most features or the most app support (as long as it runs Google Maps and JuiceSSH), but a version I can load on, disable Wi-Fi, stay 2G-only, and run for potentially days while staying fast and fluid?

    04-27-16 05:00 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    I have no issues with the latest - (with the patched Android Runtime from BBW). is pretty solid too - some prefer it.
    04-27-16 05:07 PM

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