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    What I am interested in is what small annoyances people have run into, that have not been addresses since the release of 10.0. So I mean things that you do not really mind, but which seem out of place or which lack polish. No acknowledged bugs/missing features please, there are plenty of topics on those.
    For my part for example:

    1) Every BB10 version so far has had a strange behaviour when filing/labelling emails with 'conversation view' from your desktop. For example when I label an email in Gmail, and keep it in my inbox: on the device it then shows twice in the conversation. Once for being 'Inbox', and once for the label. Same goes for applying multiple labels, on your BB10 device it will show a duplicate in the conversation for each label.
    The device does not recognize this is actually the very same email message, so it shows all label separately.
    The same thing happens for Sent items in conversations. When added to a label, it shows once for being 'Sent', and once for the label. (Note: when filing through BB10 this does not happen; it auto-archives the message and does not apply labels to Sent items, so there is never more than one label applied.)

    2) The regional settings say "The regional settings are used to adapt date format, default currency and number format". However the currency key always shows "$", I feel like that should also be part of "adapt default currency"...

    3) Locations in Calendar. You can add locations, even view the details when editing. But once you save there is no option to actually open them to any Maps app. And you can not even copy the location manually.

    It is small annoyances like this that I find strange, it seems like things that basic Quality Control should have noticed long ago. Especially since BlackBerry is always so big on being the productive/business device. I am not trying to start another negative feedback topic, I am honestly interested to see what other small/overlooked issues there are.
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    On 10.1 when I'm playing music through Bluetooth in my car and a call comes in. I answer and hang up, it won't resume playing. I have to reboot the phone to fix this.

    Doesn't happen too often but it's annoying when it does.

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    12-23-13 12:33 PM

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