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    I have a passport running on at&t. It's got a fresh install (1 week( downloaded from blackberry over the website. Most everything else works ok, but been having issues with texting. I might send a text and it goes ok. About two thirds of the time if I reply, it might take up to a minute for it to go out. Or if I text two or three times to the same person without them responding, it also might take an extremely long time for the text to go out. Have another phone (non BB) on the same network and am not experiencing this issue with it.

    Any clues? This had been going on with before the wipe and reinstall of the at&t official os. I also have a classic that does the same thing. This has got to be a BB issue and it's very annoying considering BB prides themselves on communication. Is there anything I can do to try to fix this issue. I can't leave a text without seeing that it did send because I can't really rely on it anymore.
    08-08-15 11:00 AM

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