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    Hey there,

    I've read many threads regarding recent update bugs/fixes but mine doesn't seem to have listed. I don't know whether its specific to this build, but my device becomes seriously slow/laggy sometimes. There's no specific time/app it happens it seem to occur randomly but just after I close any app, it kinda appears.

    The performance BB10 used to have back in 10.2 isn't there, I feel. And RAM clears when I open just 4 apps. It used to handle very big loads like a few tabs open in the browser, music player, clash of clans, and sometimes connected via Blend too. When I try to copy a long text, the web page becomes super slow.

    And Text Messages: when I open a conversation the messages start to scroll up and down continuously for like a minute or two. Music player is unresponsive too. Sometimes music shortcuts don't work.

    I reloaded the OS using Link last December but still the same problems. And recently I got the 2836 update as well. I cannot uninstall android apps so I'10 m gonna roll back the Android Player.

    My phone is a Z30 STA 100-2 running
    02-04-16 11:56 AM
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    I have no such issue with my z 10. However I would look for are available free space maybe your unit is filled up. If I was using it might be inclined to reinstall the os

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    02-04-16 01:40 PM

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