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    This morning I got system message that my internal memory is almost full, which was big surprise for me, since I don't do any major download on my passport. I tried cc cleaner but it didn't do much. Than I started to search for folders my self, and saw that I have two exact camera folders weighting around 7gb each. One was regular camera folder on internal memory, other one was in misc/android folder.
    Is it possible that system doubling folders like that thus eating my internal storage?
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    Sistem doubling folders?-img_20160508_094748.png
    Sistem doubling folders?-img_20160508_094709.png

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    05-08-16 02:56 AM
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    Those are symbolic links, not actual duplicates. Don't delete misc/android.
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    05-08-16 03:11 AM
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    I don't wanna delete misc/android but currently my internal memory is 28/32gb full. I just added all my folders on internal memory (without misc)they gave CCA 15gb value. So smething is fishy in my misc folder

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    05-12-16 02:05 AM
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    I've found that sometimes the BB10 OS runs up the size of the Android folders. No idea why.

    The fix that worked for me was as follows:

    1. Back up your phone using Link, and use the "custom" backup feature which allows you to specify which Android apps you want to back up instead of all of them. For example, there's no need to backup Instagram but you might have other ones that you need to keep the backup for such as video streaming apps so you don't need to start from scratch, (reentering your login credentials, favourites lists, etc.)

    2. If you use Link to sync your calendar or contacts, make sure you do that as well since Link only backs up locally stored contacts and calendar items. Plus if you have any music, videos or photos or other documents stored in device memory, I would use a Windows computer to find them and transfer them to your memory card.

    3. Perform the "OS reset" which resets the phone to "factory" settings, plus it installs the latest version of the OS for your device with your carrier.

    4. If you like to use Android apps from the Google Play Store instead of the Amazon AppStore, find the CB forum for the Cobalt app and follow the instructions there. Works beautifully and effectively replaces the Snap app which doesn't work as well anymore. Now, download and install the Android apps you use. (Don't open any of them until after you restore from backup using Link).

    5. Restore your backup file using Link.

    6. Sync your contacts and calendar using Link.

    It'll take you 3, maybe 4 hours to get thru this... but it should reset your device memory back to normal. 28 out of 32 is going to start causing major performance issues for you soon, if it hasn't already.

    Make sure all your music, videos and photos are stored on your microSD card instead of using device memory for that. The first time you take a picture or video using the camera, the reset OS will ask you about that.

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    05-13-16 12:52 PM

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