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  1. Emmerich's Avatar
    One would think after a couple years I'd know this but does replacing a SIM with one of a different number affect call/SMS history stored on the device, or do existing entries remain?

    Also, I wouldn't expect for files it would for have any effect but wanted to make sure since it's not my own device but someone I'm doing this for who wanted assurance.

    Edit: they were in need of a new SIM a bit more urgently than I realized so I backed up what I could then tried and can confirm it doesn't erase prior call or SMS history. Didn't manage to check files but hardly expect that would have changed.
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    07-12-19 10:44 PM
  2. ivanwi11iams's Avatar
    I would not expect it to 'delete' call history and text messages.

    I move between multiple devices. Albeit, the SAME SIM, and I typically still have my call/message history.

    Albiet, I do wish that the SIM held that data (call history and text messages). The benefit would be, no matter the device I swapped to, I'd have current call history and text messages...
    07-13-19 09:51 AM

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