1. ehroberts's Avatar
    A Sign of relief that I do not need to worry about a charging station with my new Z30.

    I'm a heavy user. The Z10 with stock battery did not meet my needs. This Z30 is awesomeness!

    It arrived with 10.2, but I Immediately loaded up, 1Mobile Marketplace and all the apk's I needed.

    Amazing sound! Brightness 100%! Compared to the Z10, I do noticed the 'horses' under this gadget.

    I am Whole!

    I'm on Verizon so I need to check out the wireless charging. I'm not sure this unit has it or not.

    Posted via CB10
    11-21-13 10:45 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    More juice can make the experience a lot better. I have a couple of friends just getting theirs, and looking forward to seeing how they like it.
    11-21-13 11:31 PM
  3. TOfinest's Avatar
    I'm running 20 hours with my z30 at the moment. I'm at 30%.

    Proud owner of Q10, Z10 and Z30.
    11-21-13 11:43 PM
  4. uktivo's Avatar
    My commercial director rang me to ask for recommendations which phone to have, he said he just needed a change from his iPhone.
    I asked what are the top three things you need from a phone and one thing you would love it to have
    email number 1, texting was number 2, the ability to watch Iplayer whilst his kids are doing king fu training was number 3. His "would like to have" was an easier way to move movies etc to a phone without the mess of iTunes.
    Finally. A battery that lasts longer.

    Guess what I suggested

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    HotFix likes this.
    11-22-13 01:13 AM
  5. Spawn12's Avatar
    I ve had my Z30 since last Sat but only set it up on Monday...at first i wasnt too impressed with the battery life but in the past few days i have found its actually got better. I last charged it Wed night, used it most of Wed and today i was playing plants vs zombies on my way to work and usually that game used to make my z10 heat up like crazy but the Z30???? it just sat there probably saying the PvZ that come on is that the best you can do lol lol.

    Honestly the Z30 didnt blink an eyelid...but im now sat at 35% charge from a full charge from Wed and it hasnt budged much even when playing games.

    Awesome phone, just wish the screen was a bit more sharper but its not a huge deal breaker.
    11-22-13 08:29 AM

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