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    Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice.

    Currently I am self employed and run media/financial PR business and needed a recommendation on what would be a better option for me in regards to device choice. I own a Q10 (x1) & Bold (x3).... basically my business need is to responds to over 150 plus emails a day on my mobile device as well as using social media apps such as facebook, twitter, linked In - in addition to news reporting applications.

    I really do not need much else, as I only require the phone for business purposes. I am addicted to my blackberry, been using the service for over 10 years & I have always been a day 1 purchaser of the latest querty keyboard BBerry device until the Q10 came out.

    Alot of changes took place between the BOLD and Q10. Even though, the OS is a vast improvement, I feel for me the device has become less productive in terms of the simplistic things I use my BBerry to do on mass - copy, paste, mass selection of data, etc... Also as an earlier adopter of the BB10 OS I have also experienced endless issues that never happened with previous BBerry updates; which has left me question whether I should move onto another platform as soon legacy devices will be discontinued.

    So my question is do you think Passport & Classic is worth the investment? I have seen alot of specs and discussions, but not really much talk about the areas I use my BBerry for.
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    09-04-14 02:10 PM
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    I've used IPhones, Windows phones, Android and BlackBerry(legacy and BB10) I don't think a better mobile email management system exists outside of the BlackBerry brand name. BBOS7.1 (Bold) was and remains an email beast that has yet to be bested by any platform. BB10 has made great improvements in its handling of email, and while, as of 10.2.1 my experience is overall it still lags behind legacy BlackBerry devices, I still believe BB10 handles large amounts of email better than any other OS primarily because of the HUB that integrates all your email addresses, social feeds, and other notifications into one location.
    BlackBerry knows how to make life easier for people just like you, people who use their device as a communicator and personal digital assistant, and has been implementing real improvements into every new version of the OS that comes out.
    I'm not exactly sure what all 10.3 will bring, but I am confident that BlackBerry is the right brand for someone in your line of work, and that either the Classic or the Passport would be great devices for you. Personally, I'd lean toward recommending the Classic, due to it being more likely to be a one handed device, but the Passport is looking to be one sweet phone... So, not sure what to say on that.

    I'm amazed when I switch to other devices how quickly my email habits change. What comes so easily on my Z10, is often a chore on other devices. I find myself putting emails off until I get in front of a laptop that on my BlackBerry I would've answered immediately without any thought of breaking out the PC.

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    09-04-14 09:17 PM
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    This can't be answered until we see how well they integrate the toolbelt functionality into BB10. It could be just a token to the past, or a massive productivity jump. That being said, I don't think you'll find a better emailing device in other platforms.

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    09-04-14 09:43 PM
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    Looking at what the device can do and problem wise I have it I would say yes. I run a bookings agency, which means I receive enough mails to bury me daily (haha). Used to have an iPhone, but I just got sick of the battery issues and the keyboard. I switched to the Blackberry Q10 to "try" it and it's the best switch i've made. I can change the batteries whenever I want, my battery runs all day (actually at 35% now, seeing it's uncharged at 6 in the morning). Other than that, typing e-mails on this beauty is the best!
    09-04-14 11:02 PM
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    Of course 10.3 devices! But why not get the party started with the 10.2's already on the market at bottom dollar deals.

    The best part is they'll all be getting 10.3 and with that significant performance improvements. It's a win... WIN!!!

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    09-04-14 11:10 PM
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    The touch sensitive keyboard on the passport sounds like it could easily be used to help make copy-paste functions more like BB7. Whether BlackBerry implements something like that, is another question.

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    Thanks for your feedback everyone.

    I currently run the latest 10.2 OS on my Q10. Even though there has been general improvements to bring it more in line with legacy devices in terms of email management and such; I still think it lags behind Bold.

    However based on your feedback, I am going to try out both Passport & Classic.
    09-05-14 07:09 AM
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    Thanks for your feedback everyone.

    I currently run the latest 10.2 OS on my Q10. Even though there has been general improvements to bring it more in line with legacy devices in terms of email management and such; I still think it lags behind Bold.

    However based on your feedback, I am going to try out both Passport & Classic.
    Please let us know your take on the two devices.

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    10-26-14 08:30 AM
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    The other thing to remember is that we have seen vast improvements and changes since Feb 2013. We are approaching a point where we will have most of the BlackBerry OS7 features available in BlackBerry 10.3.1. This version has brought back some more keyboard shortcuts for example. So the important thing in my mind is to go with the passport or classic to make sure your device can be upgraded to 10.4 and beyond. The Z10 for example is rumoured to not be able to go higher than 10.3.
    I suggest you don't change platforms and have to lose the efficiency of email and other benefits of BlackBerry 10. We are lucky in my mind. We have a brand new OS (relative terms to the competition) which is almost as mature as other platforms and it allows some flexibility with the Android runtime.
    Good luck with your decision.

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    10-26-14 08:50 AM

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