1. Seok Wei Ong's Avatar
    Hi guys, out of curiousity I've installed the developer version of version on my Z10. It's missing a couple of features such as the picture gallery, music gallery etc. So I've decided to revert it to the original OS using link. When I put my phone in my pocket, it starts heating up and resetting itself. Same goes when I'm using it.

    I cannot compare before and after because I'd installed the leaked version on the first day and revert it back on the same day itself. So question is, will it help if I bricked it before reloading the OS?

    Or do you guys have any idea what can I do?
    Please help.
    11-19-13 06:26 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Hi and welcome.
    I think you can load the original OS with autloader which wipes your phone. And then when it boots up, do a security wipe. Wouldn't that get rid of everything for you?
    11-19-13 06:39 AM
  3. homer1475's Avatar
    Security wipe without reloading a backup is more then likely your answer.

    You can go back to an official version, or a newer version you have but with all working apps., there is a thread in the leaked OS section of the forums.

    Soft bricking your phone(no OS present) will accomplish nothing but having to reload the OS again anyways(these aren't are old BBOS phones).

    Load OS, security wipe, reset up device. Should fix your problems.
    11-19-13 06:48 AM

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