12-19-12 08:02 AM
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  1. Masahiro's Avatar
    Definitely. Let me choose please
    Make me.
    12-19-12 12:41 AM
  2. Qaxl's Avatar
    a 1pixel stroke or a drop shadow is all that is needed. I never have a problem reading the text on my playbook icons.
    Ive been a supporter of Playbook Style Icons, but you have to realize they only work because they have the entire background covered in that grey transparent gradient, and it looks better because its not the individual icons which have a backdrop creating a very busy appearance.

    I think the Idea is to live in harmony with any type of wallpaper, but background pictures will always be pretty useless when it comes to screens that are home to a grid of icons. So for truly appreciating a Background Image, I suggest that the Active Frames Screen should be always present even if there are no apps running. I mean its not going to be very pretty to close all your apps and then all you can look at is a grid of icons, there should be some sort of "HomeScreen" to see when there are no open apps, and that should show off your wallpaper!

    and Themes Themes Themes .... No single design can please everyone, but High Quality Themes can get you pretty close.
    12-19-12 01:55 AM
  3. baolam86's Avatar
    keep staring at these Icons till you get the phone it will be alright then . Sorry, can't please everyone guys
    12-19-12 07:08 AM
  4. walt63's Avatar
    Okay, I'll chime in.

    I can care less what the icons look like. I feel that the icon design will have little affect on sales. Functionality and apps (native and third-party) are all I and many would care about at launch.

    BUT I'm not nit-picky like others may be.

    Sent from Bold 9930 #blackberrybychoice
    12-19-12 07:28 AM
  5. thp007's Avatar
    I agree with RocPlayr. This would be the best.
    12-19-12 07:53 AM
  6. Skeevecr's Avatar
    Good point. Let us make the decision!
    The problem with them doing that is that there is nothing then stopping somebody switching them off while using a background where they would be a big benefit and then using that as an excuse to disparage rim and bb10 so it is no wonder rim are staying away from adding an option with only extremely miniscule benefit to a few people who won't really be bothered anyway when they get their device.
    12-19-12 08:02 AM
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